• Will it work on grass / dirt road?
    • Yes our kids cars have upgraded Eva tires which will run greats on different terrains.
  • Do the doors open?
    • Yes the doors can open and close
  • Is there a warranty on this?
    • Yes our cars come with a one year warranty*
  • Is the battery rechargeable?
    • Yes the battery is rechargeable and also can be replaced if needed.
  • How do I charge the battery?
    • You just plug the charging cable from the outlet into the kids car. Like a laptop.
  • Are these tires plastic or rubber?
    • The tires are upgraded on all the cars and are rubber (EVA)
  • Does it comes with a parental remote control?
    • Yes it does
  • How do you sync the parental remote control?
    • There is instructions on the back of the remote. You must turn the car off. Hold the sync button until it’s flashing. Then turn the car on and the remote should connect/ light should stop flashing and be solid colour on the remote
  • Do the lights work on it?
    • Yes they do
  • Is the seats plastic or leather?
    • Most our cars have upgraded leather seats
  • Does it work on carpet?
    • Yes it does
  • Does the car play music?
    • Yes they do. You can also connect USB AUX and memory card. There is some pre programmed music on them already.
  • My car won’t turn on, What can I do?
    1. Make sure the battery is connected under the seat and all wiring is connected.
    2. Make sure the charger is unplugged from the car. It goes into safety mode when it’s plugged and won’t work.
    3. Make sure you charge the car before the first use for 12 hours.
    • Is it a two seater?
      • Please read the description or check the main item photo it will have a 2 seater icon if it’s a 2 seater.
    • My car won’t charge?
      • Make sure all wires are connected. Make sure the charger is plugged in all the way.
    • How fast does it go?
      • Depends on the model please check each item individually. The range is 2km -8km depending on which item.
    • How big is the car?
      • Please check the description there should also be a photo on the listing with dimension.
    • Do kids ride on cars come come with a battery and charger?
      • Yes they do. Everything is included except the batteries for the parental remote control.



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