Electric Ride-On Car with Remote Control: Fun & Safety Guide

Why Parental Remote Control is Essential for Your Child's Next Ride-On Car

Thinking about getting your kid an electric ride-on? And why not? They’re super easy to use, a total blast to drive, and let your little one pretend they’re real drivers, just like mom and dad! No wonder, it's enjoying rapid growth all around the world.

But what about their safety? Let's face it, watching them zoom around could make you feel a little uneasy, especially since mastering the skills of driving a ride on car doesn't happen overnight. Until they get the hang of it, wouldn't it be great to lend a hand without actually squeezing into that tiny passenger seat (even if you could)?

That’s where kids ride on cars with radio remote controls come in. They’re not just fun for the kiddos but also a huge sigh of relief for the adults. Here’s the scoop on why they’re a must-have toy of the year.

Safety First, Then Fun in Electric Kids Ride On Car

Picture this:

Your kid is cruising in their mini Mercedes Benz, about to embark on what promises to be an epic road trip across the lawn. But then – oh no! – they’re heading straight for a mud puddle, or, yikes, the street!

What are you gonna do?

 You could channel your inner Usain Bolt to stop them, while hollering at the top of your lungs for them to hit the brakes.

run like usain bolt

Or, you could calmly use the remote control in your hand, effortlessly steer them back to safety with just a few clicks.


remote control for ride on cars


And just like that, crisis averted-on with the fun!

It’s like wielding a magic wand that keeps them safe without taking away their fun, offering you peace of mind without the panic.

This is why getting a ride on toy car with remote control gives you the best of both worlds.


Look Ma, No Hands

Here’s another scenario:

Your toddler is absolutely car-crazy and can’t wait to hop into their very own ride on car. But maybe they’re not quite ready to take the wheel themselves.

They might be a tad nervous, or simply not in the mood to do the steering.

No sweat!

With a parental remote, you instantly transform their ride on car for kids into a mobile amusement ride. Your little one can sick back, relax, and soak in the sights as if they’re on a magical tour, while you safely take over the reins from the sidelines.


Making Memories on Wheels

It’s about so much more than just safety, it’s a prime opportunity for some quality bonding time. Together, you and your child will navigate through real and imaginary worlds, create unforgettable adventures, and share many laughs along the way.


family bonding with  kids in ride on cars

The remote control for parents ensures that kids of all ages and abilities can experience the thrills of a ride on car.

Plus, when the time is right, you can hand over the controls to them, letting them steer at their own pace. It’s like teaching them to ride a bike, complete with its own set of training wheels.


Other Must-Have Features for Ride On Cars with Parental Remote Control

In addition to the game-changing remote control, today’s battery powered ride on cars come packed with features that will dazzle and delight your young drivers. Let’s buckle up and check out some of the coolest features you won’t want to miss:

Luxury Leather Seats 

Why should adults have all the comfort? Many high-end electric ride on cars comes with plush, all-leather seats, providing an ultra-comfy ride for the precious little tushies.


leather seats for ride on cars

EVA or Rubber Wheels for electric kids ride-on car

As with the real cars we drive, the choice of tires make a big difference in the driving feel and longevity of the toy electric vehicle. Avoid hard plastic tires, which is comparatively thin and filled with air, as they're the toughest to ride on, and the least durable. Opt instead for EVA tires, which uses higher quality plastic, and more importantly, are filled with a synthetic foam instead of air for a much more comfortable ride and is puncture proof. 

Some high-end kids electric ride on toys now feature full rubber tires. These are basically miniature versions of regular car tires and offer the best ride quality along with the best traction (usually at a higher cost). When you want the best of the best, look for rubber tires to fill the need.

Rubber Tires

Spring Suspension System

For the smoothest ride on even the bumpiest terrains, look for cars equipped with a spring suspension system on some or all of its wheels. It's like giving your kid their very own off-road experience, scaled down to fun size.


ride on car spring suspension

LED Lights All Around

Illuminate your child's adventures with brilliant LED headlights. Some models feature additional lights at the rear, along the sides, and even snazzy light bars, turning every drive into a dazzling light show.


ride on car with LED lights

MP3 and Bluetooth Connectivity

What's a ride without tunes? With MP3 and Bluetooth connectivity, along with radio & AUX ports, your kiddo can cruise to their favorite music, making every trip a musical journey.


ride on car with MP3 and Bluetooth connectivity

Safety Features Galore

Beyond the essential seat belt, many kids ride-on cars feature adjustable speed settings, emergency stop buttons, and even remote turn-off functions to ensure your child's safety at all times.


ride on car with adjustable speed settings

Bonus Tip

Some remote controls offer an additional speed setting beyond the physical speed switch located inside the car (e.g. 3 speeds vs. 2). Adding another layer of control and fun. One more reason to get a ride-on toy with remote control.


ride on car remote control with multiple speed selection

Powerful Battery Life

The fun doesn’t have to stop with models featuring long-lasting batteries. Whether it's 12v, 24v, or the mighty 48V, more power means more playtime. Remember, the bigger and higher powered the toy car (e.g. 2 seater vs. 1 seater, or 24v vs. 12v kids ride on car), the more battery juice is required to sustain the same length of running time. Therefore, if you have the option to upgrade to a higher voltage battery, go for it - your child will thank you.


24V ride on car battery

Realistic Engine Sounds & Horn

For that authentic driving experience, choose a battery powered electric car toy with built-in, press-button engine sounds and a working horn, letting your child feel like they're driving the real deal.


ride on car horn and engine sounds via buttons


The Coolest Ride-On on the Block w/ Parent Remote

Now that we've covered the must-have features, let's take a look at some of the most sought-after kids electric vehicle with remote control available right now. 

Each of these picks is guaranteed to turn heads and make your child the envy of the neighborhood.


Sleek Electric Kids Sports Cars

For the young speedster, nothing beats miniature versions of luxury sports cars that look just like the real deal, complete with all the bells and whistles. From underbody lights to leather seats, these cars are a dream come true.


Lamborghini Aventador SV 2-Seater Powered Ride on


Lamborghini Aventador SV 2-Seater Powered Ride on


Versatile 12V & 24V SUV and Ride On Truck

If your little one prefers a more robust vehicle, check out the full range of SUVs and trucks offers the perfect mix of power and style, complete with spring suspension for all-terrain adventures. From the swanky Range Rover HSE to the beasty Chevy Silverado, there's something for every taste and style.


GMC Sierra Denali 2-Seater Electric Ride On Car


GMC Sierra Denali 2-Seater Electric Ride On Car


Rugged UTV & ATV Electric Kids Ride On Car

Designed for the young off-road enthusiast, these ATVs, UTVs, and Jeeps offer unmatched power and durability to tackle the off-beaten path. Look for features such as spring suspension, 4x4 drivetrain, tubeless air tires, and brushless motors to fulfill even the most daring thrill-seekers. Time to get dirty and have fun!


Freddo Police Storm 24V Kids Ride-On UTV


Freddo Police Storm 24V Kids Ride-On UTV


Farm and Construction Ride On Car Toy

Is your child crazy about tractors or bulldozers? Then satisfy their cravings with a sturdy 24V tractor trailer or a powerful excavator truck car that's ready for any digging adventure. Each rugged ride on car with remote features realistic engine sounds, operational buckets, and even a music player for hours of hands-on thrills.


Freddo Tractor Trailer 2-Seater Kids Ride On Truck Car


Freddo Tractor Trailer 2-Seater Kids Ride On Truck Car



Each of these electric ride-ons is designed with both fun and safety in mind, ensuring your child enjoy the best of both worlds. With so many models to choose from, there's bound to be something for every taste and age group. Whether they're cruising down the sidewalk or navigating through the backyard, these ride-on cars with parents remote control deliver endless creative play both indoors and out.


In the (Remote) Driver’s Seat

Stepping into the world of ride-on cars with radio control means unlocking a realm of fun, safety, and adventure for your little one. These aren't just any regular toys, they're your child's ticket to a thrilling ride down the driveway or through the backyard, all under your watchful eye.

The magic wand in your hand - the remote control - lets you ensure their safety while giving them the freedom to explore.

So, grab that remote and get ready to share in the laughter and joy as your child takes the wheel (literally or figuratively). With each push of the button, you're not just steering a toy - you're guiding your child through the thrilling early years of exploration and imagination. 

Let the adventures begin!


remote control ride on car


FAQs on Kids Ride On Car with Remote

Q: Does every powered vehicle for kids come with a remote?

A: No, not all ride-ons include a remote control. Especially in the lower priced, smaller sized categories. Always check the product specifications to make sure that a remote is included.


Q: What's the range of a remote control?

A: With a typical 2.4 Ghz radio remote, you can wirelessly control your kids car from a distance of up to 100 feet, or 30 meters.


Q: Can I control all movements with a remote (e.g. backwards, turning)?

A: Yes, the remote gives you full directional and speed control of your electric car for kids, just as if you were physically steering the car yourself.


Q: How do I apply the car brake with the remote?

A: Simply lift your fingers off the control, the car will automatically brake and stop. Some model also include an emergency brake switch for even faster braking.


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