Health on wheels: benefits of using scooters

The use of scooters is fun for children and adults. To practice it, it is essential to be outdoors, which is very healthy. Hence, our Kick Scooters are health on wheels. To prove it, discover the benefits of using scooters.

Today it is not only the youngest who enjoy the scooter, but the young and the old have joined. Because this is an excellent exercise that helps you socialize. In addition, it provides many health benefits!

The scooter has many advantages for its use, as it is a light vehicle and easy to move. The latest generation models such as our Maserati Kick Scooter or our 3 Wheels Kick Scooter by Freddo, with LED lights in wheels make these toys also safer and perfect to see and to be seen so you can ride in a more confident way.

There is practically no need to do a lot of maintenance on the scooter. They are very resistant to shocks and have few moving parts.

The scooter was considered in its beginnings as a toy for children. In the past it was handcrafted in wood and with rubber wheels.

From 1980 versions of the classic scooter began to come out, but now made with lighter and more resistant materials. The aluminum structure and the high resistance plastic wheels.

It is not difficult for the youngest to learn how to use it. So the scooter soon becomes a new socialization tool among your gaming friends.

Young children generally compete with each other just for the sake of running, no matter who the winner is.

For children in the psychomotor development phase, the use of scooters significantly improves the coordination of dynamic balance and laterality.

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