Tips and tricks for your Ride on Car

Kudos if you’ve read this far. We’ve covered the essential factors in buying a ride on car. Here are some bonus tips so you will be extra prepared.

  • Don’t go by the number of seats you see in the product photo, as two seats do not necessarily mean it can actually seat two. Check the number of seatbelts instead. This will tell you its true seating capacity (ie. 1 seatbelt = 1 seater).
  • The same ride-on car model (ie. a BMW X5 SUV) could be made by multiple manufacturers with varying qualities. See the point above on how to spot a reliable seller.
  • Generic models, aka, units without a license from a real car manufacturer, will cost less; at the expense of not having a recognized brand logo or distinctive body style cues.
  • A ride-on car with real paint on its surfaces will look better and last longer.
  • Just like in a real car, leather seats offer a softer and more comfortable ride. Not a must-have, but your little one might appreciate it in the long run.
  • Make sure doors on both sides can open and close for easy ingress and egress.
  • The shipping box is bulky and heavy. Check the company policy to see who foots the bill for any returns.
  • Like all batteries, the one that comes with the unit will need to be replaced eventually. Find out if the company you’re buying from also offers replacement batteries for sale.
  • Units sell out quickly during the holiday season. For the best selection at the lowest price, shop early (before Black Friday).


Let’s ride!

Simply put, a ride-on car is one of the most fun toys you can reward your child with. It’s striking to look at and even more thrilling to drive. Your little one will love it and you will cherish the wonderful memories for years to come. Use the information here to help you find the perfect ride on car for your child. Bookmark this page and come back for more guides and tips on your favorite toys.

Now buckle up and it’s time to go for a ride!


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