If you're looking for a toy that will make your excursions and family time more enjoyable, look no further than the Freddo Deluxe Ride-on & Push toy. For kids from 2 to 6 years old, it's certain to provide hours of fun. With its sleek design and comfortable seat, the Freddo Deluxe Ride-on & Push Car is perfect for exploring the neighborhood, taking a trip to the park, or even taking an excursion! And when you're finished riding, the car can easily be converted into a push car to enjoy even more.

Features and Safety

Each time parents plan a trip or excursion, there are a lot of things to think about before hitting the road: bringing water, some snacks, maybe tissues, and other supplies. And believe it or not, this is one of the reasons why this Deluxe Ride on Car & Push is the perfect vehicle for these days. You’ve read well. An amazing feature of this product is that under the seat, there’s hidden storage space, and it is completely easy to get to and out of sight when closed.

Whatever you put in that extra space and considering that it supports up to 50 lbs, the toy will remain light and strong as it weighs no more than 5 lbs. Perfect for the longest (and funniest) days. To make it easier, it is easily maneuverable; your child will get the hang of it quicker than you can read the manual.

But, definitely and over all, one of the biggest advantages of this product is that you can easily switch between a stroller, walker, and ride-on toy. It is 3 in 1! Isn't it the perfect gift?

Finally, another magical feature is a musical horn that will bring extra joy to your family time and make your kids dance and move like crazy at the simple push of a button! The weather gets cold, but this will make the experience that much warmer. A tip: choose one of our 3 colors (pink, red, or yellow) to make it even bolder.

Let's not forget the safety issue: this ride-on also has a removable safety guardrail, an extra measure of comfort and safety, easily removable when your little one outgrows it.

Your child will be entertained for a long time with this classic ride on toy. It has a sturdy plastic body surface, durable wheels, is very stable and is easy to drive and operate. The best thing is that your kid can use it both indoors and outdoors, grass or pavement is up to you!


What age are these kinds of toys for?

Kid's riding toys are typically designed for children from 3 and up. Some ride ons may be appropriate for younger children with supervision, while others are better suited for older kids. When choosing a toy for kids, consider shop by age, abilities, and interests to choose the right model. In this particular case, the Freddo Toys Deluxe Ride on Car & Push Car is the ultimate ride for a child between 2 and 6 years old.

Can these ride on toys get wet?

Yes, these kinds of riding toys can get wet. However, it is important to make sure that it is properly dried off afterwards to prevent rusting or other damage.

Do these kids ride on toys worth it?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as it depends on each individual's circumstances and preferences. However, in general, it can be a great investment for children, even more than a battery powered ride on due to the prices. You are not going to have a radio, remote control, led headlights or a 6V / 12V battery for higher speed, but your little one will get much fun cruising along in style in his cool riding toy. And you will save some money compared to powered ride-on toys. They provide hours of fun and enjoyment, help to develop motor skills and coordination (almost like a bike will be in the future), and can even aid in social development. If you think your toddler would benefit from this kind of product, then it is probably worth the investment.


Freddo Deluxe Ride-on Car & Push is a colorful (pink, red, and yellow) and fully functional vehicle by Freddo, that will delight your child and bring hours of fun. Buy yours HERE and let the journey begin!

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