Why Freddo Toys 4 wheel Balance Bike is good for toddlers

It's never too late if the product is good! This 4 wheel Balance Bike by Freddo Toys has been with us long enough to know it's a best seller. Parents and kids alike love it and understandably so.

You might look at its shape and think maybe it's a little weird, like a traditional bike but with a slightly different twist. And no wonder, its design is super original and catches your eye but it's also very practical, and of course it's super fun. Experts in child growth and development endorse this type of ride on toys for kids. Here's why:

First of all, this bike is designded for toddlers between 10-24 months old. We know this 4 Wheel Balance Bike will bring them long hours of fun to those little ones in the house. Thanks to its organic design created especially for them, will help your little kid with their development of balance. Your kid will learn to move on his own, turn, keep his spine straight, and the large space between the seat and the grips will provide comfortable space for the legs. Your baby will learn to be more aware of movement and how to interact with the space around. A perfect first bike that will make them move and develop skills while having the time of their lives, riding around the house and outdoors.


Vibrant colors, original and fun design, functionality... we only see advantages in this product of our flagship brand of cars for kids, Freddo Toys. Its 135° steering wheel makes the difference and will offer a plus of fun. Get your backpack ready, it's time for a bike ride!


Its sturdy carbon fiber steel structure makes it one of the most rugged, spin-proof, race-proof and rides. In addition, its soft and cushioned 8" seat provides safety and comfort to your kid while exploring the world in this ride on toy.


And to top it off: it's easy to ride! The 4 EVA wheels provide a smooth and quiet ride for your baby or toddler. This Balance Bike offers effortless operation without gears, batteries or pedals. Simply push and go!


Check this amazing 4 Wheel Balance Bike Ride on toy by Freddo here!

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