Care tips for your child’s ride on car

When we are going to buy an electric car for our little one we look, we compare, we find out about the features, which ones are better and why, etc. but once we have bought the toy we do not worry about anything else.

These toys, having electronic components and a lot of use, must be maintained to last as long as possible in the best possible condition, so today we bring you some CARE TIPS for a long life of your ride on car!


Once assembled, the battery car for children must be connected to the electric current with the charger included in your electric ride on car. We will maintain the load during the time that the manufacturer indicates us without interrupting it. There are chargers that have a led light that will indicate us when the battery charge is finished. Before this complete load, we will be able to ignite the car to verify that this one works correctly, but only like a method of verification.

Many times we want to start the car while it is charging to check if it works, but we find that it does not start, is my car defective? The answer is NO. The reason why it does not start is for security against possible shunts or discharges that could occur while the car is connected to the electric supply. This safety system is activated as soon as we introduce the plug of the charger to the car, even if the charger has not been plugged to the power.

Another tip to bear in mind is that the battery should not be allowed to discharge completely as it can be damaged.

Sometimes there are seasons when the car is not used for different reasons, so in this case the battery should be removed from the car and stored in a clean and safe place. In addition, the battery should be charged from time to time while it is not in use to keep it in an optimal state.

It is also important to store the charger in a safe place to avoid dropping it on the floor or knocking it.


To prevent the electronic components from getting dusty and damaged, it is important to store the ride on car in a closed place and cover it with a tarp.

It is essential that the electrical terminals are checked every month and kept clean, which you can do with a damp cloth, helped by your little helper.

In addition to taking care of the heart of the stroller we must also take care of the outside, so you can teach your kid to clean the outside and keep the details free of dust with a damp cloth.


Each ride on car has a maximum weight that it can support, for this reason it is necessary to take this into consideration when choosing the toy and not to exceed it since the bodywork or the tires could break, besides losing a lot of power.

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