Brushless motors are the latest in motor technology and have introduced themselves to the toy market.  They offer a number of advantages over brushed motors, such as higher efficiency and longer service life. In this article, we invite you to learn about the most interesting aspects of this engineering feat that will guarantee hours of fun for the little ones at home.

What are brushless motors?

Brushless motors are a type of motor that uses permanent magnets to spin the rotor instead of brushes used in traditional motors. They are more efficient, quieter and last longer than traditional brushed motors since there is no need for contact between the stator and rotor. Brushless motors have become popular in industrial applications due to their high power density, low cost, long life, and low maintenance. These motors can be found in a variety of electronic devices such as fans, pumps, electric vehicles, medical equipment and robotic systems. Brushless motors come with a range of features including adjustable speed control, greater efficiency and torque output at lower speeds. They also require less energy as compared to other types of electric motors. With better performance than traditional electric motors and fewer components that need to be replaced or maintained over time, brushless motors are quickly becoming an increasingly popular option for many industrial applications.

This type of motor was created in 1886, when the American Frank Julian Sprague designed the first DC motor, a non-sparking device that sustained a relatively constant speed under varying loads. Such motors were used by many operators because of their economical price, light weight and easy maintenance.

Key Advantages

Brushless motors offer a variety of advantages over traditional brushed motors. One of the key advantages is that they are much more efficient than traditional motors, resulting in higher power output while consuming less energy. Brushless motors also require less maintenance due to their lack of mechanical components such as brushes and commutators, which need to be replaced often in brushed motors. Additionally, brushless motors can operate at higher speeds than brushed motors with minimal noise or vibration. Furthermore, brushless motors are more reliable, as they do not suffer from wear and tear as quickly as brushed motors do. Finally, brushless motors are smaller and lighter compared to brushed models, which makes them ideal for applications where space is limited or where weight must be minimized.

Longer service life

They have a longer service life than other brushed models, as they do not have brushes that deteriorate over time and need to be replaced or repaired.

High number of Revolutions per minute (RPM)

Toys that have brushless motors gather more power and torque. They can provide incredible no-load speed. Many of the single-pole brushless motors, the no-load speed can reach up to 100,000 RPM.

Easy maintenance

In addition to not requiring brushes to be changed, it is a motor that requires practically no maintenance. Spare parts are readily available on the market, so if you need them over time, you won't have to struggle to find them.

Less heat produced

When an electric motor is brushless, it does not suffer from the electrical voltage drop and friction that occurs with a normal motor. This results in less wasted power and heat loss.

Disadvantages of Brushless Motors

The most prominent disadvantage that can be found in brushless motors is the price of their attachments. However, professional operators prefer to get an implement at the highest cost that can present better performances at the time of using them and excellent quality.

Brushless motors cost much more expensive than brushed models, but perform better than their predecessors.

Are often used in applications where long-term reliability and power efficiency are necessary. However, brushless motors have several disadvantages that should be considered before using them. Firstly, brushless motors require a proper control system for operation, which can be expensive and complicated to install. Secondly, since the motor does not have any brushes, it is more prone to vibrations when running at high speeds, resulting in increased wear and tear on the motor’s components. Finally, brushless motors tend to run at higher temperatures than brushed motors due to their lack of friction and need cooling systems to keep them from overheating.

Electric Ride on Cars (brushless)

In brushless motors, the coils are placed in the stator instead of the rotor. Instead, durable magnets are placed on the rotor. This design eliminates brushes from the motor.

In addition to the external rotor, a brushless RC motor uses three phases of the drive coil and an extra sensing device to detect the position of the rotor and drive electronics.

These magnets that we have already mentioned, make the electric current pass directly through the winding of the housing or stator, achieving an electromagnetic field that, together with the magnetic field of the magnets, creates an internal force that manages to make the rotor rotate and, as a consequence, the motor shaft also applies it.

These particular characteristics made them an element of great value for electric cars for children, because by maintaining a good amount of energy, it increases the speed and strength of the small vehicle. This translates into more fun for the little ones. 


When you buy a car for children, you should not only look at the safety for the little one, the colors or the beauty of the model. You should also look for an option that offers resistance, comfort, and durability. For this reason, we recommend choosing models with brushless motors, such as the Freddo Sport Car 24V 2022, available in our store. With this you will be acquiring a car with a low-maintenance, energy-saving motor that can even stay in the family for a good long time, just like a real car.

Although spare parts and replacement parts are more expensive than in the conventional engine model, they are easily available in the market. They are engines with more power and provide better speed than ordinary toy cars, making it more fun for children without compromising safety. An all-proof car is the best investment you can make in terms of toys and healthy entertainment for children.

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