WATER SLIDES - endless fun this summer!

This summer we come full of surprises that you can not miss!

One of our novelties for the hottest days are the WATER SLIDES for kids! We assure you that your children will be amazed when they see a water slide in the backyard! It can be a birthday gift or the star game for any party.

Inflatable water slides are also the ideal complement for businesses with large inflatable pools or water inflatables, very easy to use attractions that do not require prior installation or construction.

They are an economical alternative that will attract public of different ages and will undoubtedly make a difference when choosing where to spend the day with the family. They will also become a point of positive reviews and mentions in social networks.

Our range of water slides is perfectly suited for seasonal events, hotels, campsites, inflatable rental companies or companies of water slides for rent and for personal use.

Experience, quality and guarantee

The materials we use in the manufacture of water slides are subject to the most rigorous quality controls. Of course the products destined to work in aquatic environments are manufactured with a material that withstands humidity, besides being anti-puddling, so there is no danger of breakage or that the manufacturing material is damaged by water.

Climbing walls, curved slides, large pools and bouncing areas are made of highly puncture resistant and muty durable material.

These inflatable water slides for kids are easy to deflate and disassemble, plus they are easy to transport.

For any question about these products, please feel free to contact our customer service, we are happy to help you.

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