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One ouf our favorite festivities is coming! We've been waiting for Thanksgiving so much and although the cold has returned to our lives, taking our children to play outdoors to celebrate is still a good choice for them to have contact with nature and discover magical places. In one of our previous posts we told you about its benefits. Go read the benefits of playing outdoors post.

The parks are full of beautiful colors and leaves on the ground, which can be really fun. You may decide to go to a park to play with other children, to the countryside to see animals and get some pumpkins, or to go on an adventure in the mountains! All are good options to spend time with the family and enjoy this free time.

Taking the kids outside can certainly be very rewarding. Can you imagine your children playing police driving their own mini Police Car? Or playing at being an action driver? Good news! What you imagined can come true with our two magnificent cars valid for any type of ground: park, field and mountain included! And to add more joy and suprise: we have a SPECIAL SALE for Thanksgiving!!

Our prices are better than ever in two of our favorite cars, lets start by the beginning:
Police Ride on truck
There are several reasons that lead us to choose to put this Police Ride on truck for kids with remote control in the top of this list, one of them is the wonderful sounds imitating real car sounds, others are its lights, with headlights on the front, on the bumper, tail lights and of course the siren lights on the top like real police cars! It also has a set of pre-installed songs, all of which will give your kids a blast and they will feel like real policemans!

Other reasons that makes it a super electric car for children with remote control, is its 12V motor, which gives it a perfect power so that the little one can play safely and it’s a two-seater ride on!

Its wheels with Eva rubber give it a great grip and adherence to all types of surfaces, all these details of luxury, in addition to padded seat imitation leather, make the police car one of the most equipped on the market.

It also has a 2.4 ghz remote control for parents, bluetooth that allows you to drive the car without interference with other toys or radio control devices that could interfere with our vehicle. The remote control also has an emergency stop button for adults that will stop the electric car for children immediately if needed.

And let’s not forget about the Off Road Truck!
Off Road Truck
We are 100% sure that if we had to make an expedition to the desert this would be the ideal car for it without any doubt! But as this is not going to happen, and besides our products are toys, you can always choose to give it to your son or daughter.

The Freddo Off Road Truck works almost like a real car. It has all kinds of features like adjustable speeds, front and rear LED lights, as well as a seat belt. 4 wheels with cushioning on each for a smooth ride. Suitable for children between 3 and 8 years old and can support up to 132lbs. For added safety, parents can control the car with remote control.

This off-road vehicle has all the features a real car should have such as music and horn buttons on the steering wheel, working headlights and taillights, forward and reverse pedal, on/off button and both doors can be opened!

It also has room for two children and music player, endless fun! It also has a built-in seat belt so that children remain seated in place while driving.

For all this, and much more, these are two of the best electric cars for children in 2021 and will be the perfect gift for Thanksgiving! Get one for your kid, you'll thank us later!

Remember that only in you can find this electric police car and off road car for children with remote control at the best price.

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