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On the market you can find a wide variety of electric cars for children. Just visit our own catalog to discover that there are numerous models to suit the needs of all children. However, today we want to talk about two models in particular: the Range Rover Evoque and the Range Rover HSE, very complete vehicles with all the details and loaded with extras that make them even cooler!

Common and different features

Range Rover electric cars for children are cars that fall into the category of 12V battery cars for children, with an eye-catching sporty line and a complete equipment within the SUVs.

The first big difference at a glance is that the Range Rover HSE is a bit bigger, with a size of 58in*37in*27in* and is suitable for 2 children, while the Range Rover Evoque is for one child and has a size of 42.5in*26in*20.5in.

Secondly, we could talk about the 2.4GHz parental remote control the same in both cases. The remote control is a radio control tool that encrypts the car’s signal to avoid interference with other nearby vehicles. Thanks to this item you can control the speed of the car, with a “Stop” button to stop its movement in case of emergency.

On the other hand, we have the playback equipment, with device connection, USB reader, SD card reader to listen to the music you like and input to connect other devices such as MP3, iPhone, iPod or others. Both models also feature an LED display, volume control and device selector.

Both models have a smooth and progressive start, avoiding jolts at the beginning of the ride. In addition, the travel system allows the stroller to be transported comfortably as if it were a suitcase.

For us, the safety of children is very important, so both cars have built-in seat belts and the wheels are made of EVA rubber, more resistant, more durable and safer as they do not slip like plastic ones.

Last but not least, we can highlight other details such as: side mirrors, opening of both doors with safety latch, digital battery charge indicator on the dashboard, suspension equipment, horn, realistic start and stop sounds,...

As you can see, the Range Rover Evoque and Range Rover HSE have everything thought of, which is why they are one of the favorite models for our customers. If you are thinking of giving your son or daughter an electric car, don’t think twice. Choose between the two models and their different colors available and enjoy!

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