Mercedes Benz AMG GTR Review - Quality assurance

Mercedes electric cars for children are one of the best options to give to your son/daughter on any special date. They are toys that will like a lot for the fun that these generate and that for you will be a relief to have a little free time in addition to enjoy watching your little one.

The purchase of one of these strollers ensures that your children will have fun in a healthy and safe way, away from the dangers of other activities, being in control of the car at all times.

Mercedes children’s electric cars: Quality guaranteed

In the market there is a great variety of this kind of cars. There are of different brands, sizes and colors. They are completely customizable, as they come with many extras, but there is no doubt that the best in this category for children is the Mercedes brand, not only for the quality but also for the number of models on the market.

These have impressive features that make them one of the best, plus many of them come with official certificate of the brand itself. If you want to see more models see our catalog of cheap electric cars for children.

Other brands that also stand out are Audi, Ferrari, BMW and Range Rover.

Recommendation: Mercedes Benz AMG GTR 12V

One of the ride on cars of this brand of better quality price, is this beautiful and elegant Mercedes Benz AMG GTR in white or black color.It is accompanied by a 12v motor and battery reaching 6 km / h, a very good speed considering its performance. What gives so much fame to this model is all the extras that brings compared to others being much more expensive, let’s talk about them below:

  • A fantastic mp3 player and connection, let your child listen to his favorite music.
  • It’s night? No problem! It brings with it lights to illuminate wherever it goes.
  • Worried about not controlling the car? This model comes with remote control with a maximum distance of 15 meters.
  • Possibility to adjust the volume.
  • Horn.
  • The material and finish of this car is resistant and durable. The seat is padded, leatherette, ergonomic and sporty with belt for maximum safety.

The rims are 9 inches in diameter and the main thing is that they are non-skid and puncture- proof tires with EVA rubber. Not recommended for children under 3 years without parental control, maximum age per manufacturer 6 years.

Mercedes Benz official license.

Mercedes benzRide on cars for kids

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