Krohm Bluetooth Wireless Indoor/Outdoor Speakers review
It's Friday, you've finished work and you just feel like relaxing. Maybe with music, or a podcast, or screening your favorite movie alone or with your family. If you're as much a lover of quality and music as we are, you can't miss this post! Our high-end wireless speaker by Krohm makes it easier than ever. Here's why:

Enjoy the latest in long-range wireless technology - Bluetooth 4.1 with automatic pairing ensures you're always connected, whether you're indoors or out. We're big fans of chilling at home with relaxing music, we can't deny it. But now imagine being in your backyard pool or on the patio having a few drinks with friends and plugging in your favorite playlist. Who can resist that?
Krohm Bluetooth Wireless Indoor/Outdoor Speakers
 Its powerful, high-efficiency integrated amplifier drives the dual 30 W speakers, each with a 4" woofer and tweeter for your music enjoyment. Go ahead, turn up the volume!

The best part, besides the unbeatable sound quality, is its weatherproof design, making it ideal for the deck, patio or garden - or even in the shower! It is the perfect companion for all your streaming services or projector. A handy remote control allows you to conveniently adjust the volume and tracks on the fly (or control it wirelessly via your cell phone).

As with perfumes... the best ones come in small bottles. In this case, Big Sound comes in a small package: at just 8" tall and 5.5" wide, you can discreetly place these little speakers wherever you want. They are designed to be heard, not seen.
The complete package includes matching black speakers, power adapter, remote control and wall mounting kit. Once mounted on the wall, you can rotate them up to 180 degrees to direct the sound where you want it, and it takes very little time to get it up and running from out of the box to listening in minutes!
Krohm Bluetooth Wireless Indoor/Outdoor Speakers
Get yours now and be the star of the next party!

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