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The inflatable soccer field is a perfect children’s attraction to liven up any party with children or to entertain the little ones in the most important family and social celebrations. Weddings, birthday parties or any other events where the spectacular Inflatable 3 in 1 Soccer Field with its large dimensions is used more and more frequently.

This attraction not only entertains soccer fans, but also basketball and volleyball lovers! All boys and girls of ages 3 and up will have a great time playing in its fully inflatable interior without any risk of injury. If you are looking for an inflatable soccer game, economic, in which your little guests can spend many hours with total tranquility, you have a highly recommended and affordable option in DTI DIRECT!

This inflatable soccer field is an inflatable enclosure with two goals so that inside you can play soccer games. But it doesn’t end there, it also has 2 basketball nets and a removable volleyball style net! So you can play soccer, basketball or volleyball!

The inflatable soccer field measures 138” x 120” x 90”, offering an ideal space for small soccer games inside.

Its inflatable goals are arranged one on each side of the inflatable, with their nets so that the ball cannot escape.

It is necessary to emphasize that the structure that forms the enclosure, will form an inflatable perimeter, making the form of a soccer field, where the players will have to enter inside. It is prepared so that people from 3 to 99 years old can play, with a maximum of 10 people in the enclosure.

Soccer inflatable field is manufactured with the approvals regulated by the children’s inflatables, and although it is a sports inflatable, it has all the necessary certifications, in addition to being manufactured with high quality materials and fireproof treatment. It offers maximum resistance and durability.

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