Happy Hop Tropical Play Centre review

Can you tell we're looking forward to summer? Maybe a little, but we don't care because today we come to tell you about the most summery bouncy castle/water slide EVER.

In the previous post we told you how to live a spring/summer day to the fullest (as it should be), with all the necessary equipment: a barbecue, a projector, speakers and of course, a bouncy castle! It's no news that we love this kind of toys, and while they are made suitable for adults, we'll settle for watching the little ones having a blast in them.

Fortunately at DTI Direct we have one of the best brands in the market when it comes to bouncy castles / water slides: Happy Hop. The quality of their products is more than proven and their designs are incredible. But enough talk, let's get to the point and talk about one of our favorites, the Tropical Play Centre.

Happy Hop Tropical Play CentreOur Happy Hop Tropical Play Centre is an awesome adventure and experience in the hot summer days itself. Is equipped with toooons of new features like our Water gun blaster, water slide, mini pool and rock climbing feature. Yes, all that!

Can you imagine yourself in Alberta or Ontario pulling out this water slide with the first ray of spring/summer sunshine? We certainly can, and this castle is perfect for those who live near the beach, as well as for those who live in inland areas of Canada. It really helps to go out in the backyard and see this tropical design in front of us, we can almost picture ourselves dancing the Hula or drinking straight from a delicious coconut. Don´t you?

Tropical Play Centre

This inflatable Tropical Play Centre is tons of fun and will create lots of unforgettable memories for our children and their friends. And the best: It is easy and very quick to inflate (comes with UL Certified Air Blower) and is easily packed up again for storage.

Nothing says fun like the Tropical Play Centre! Kids will love sliding down the inflatable water slide and right into the water pool and ball pit pool! There's also a built-in splash pool, sprayers along the tail and a climbing wall. Honestly, this is endless fun. There's also net around the bouncy castle for safety and parents can see the kids through the net. We love it!

Tropical Play Centre

Get your phone ready because you'll want to call your friends to play in this castle with you, it fits up to 5 kids!

Check out our bouncy castles / water slides catalog HERE.

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