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Summer is an ideal time to spend more time with family and friends. We love spending time outdoors together and creating amazing memories. We're sure that at some point in your conversations with the people, you love you've talked about the old days, how you played as kids before consoles and the digital revolution that also happened in toys.

Do you remember those days when you used to go out in the backyard and play Limbo, sack races, or Up 4 It? Ahhh, good times!

It's time to get into vintage mode and reminisce about those fun-filled golden days with your loved ones. With your childhood friends, with your kids so they can learn new ways to have fun outdoors or with whoever you want. Let's get started!


Limbo has been a popular game for hundreds of years, livening up parties and providing relentless entertainment on a global scale. Music! Sun! Party! Limbo! What's not to love?! The objective of Limbo is to lower yourself under the beam (without touching it!), which is lowered each round, until your opponent(s) has failed to do so. Our Limbo contains two 5' 6" wooden upright poles, coloured pegs, a 5' 6" cross pole and two sets of feet to maintain the upright poles. Carnivals, Family Fun Days, Corporate events, Picnics or just to limber up. And don't forget the Music!




Sack racing has been a popular sporting activity for hundreds of years and remains a fun and exciting activity today. Who hasn't enjoyed this game as a child? But where to find a big sack when you need it? At school, in backyard or at a social event, sack racing is an excellent game that can be played by people of all ages.

Each of our 5 brightly coloured sacks have been given names to add to the rivalry: Fireball, Dozy, Fever, Wired and Mad Dog. Simply designate each bag to a player and start having fun! Each sack is 40 inches high and 23 1/2 inches wide, for both adults and children, ensuring that sack racing is a family activity! Each sack is made with high quality jute material, has double stitching and strong thread, making them extremely safe and durable. Check our Sack Race giant game!

Sack Race



Who doesn't like this game? It's impossible to play just once! Choose a color, yellow or red, and go all out trying to line up 4 tiles in a row every time it's your turn and stop your opponent from doing the same. It seems simple but you must have some strategy, anticipation, vision, and a little luck. But above all, make sure you have fun!

This classic Connect 4 Game never gets old and is perfect to play with young children, because despite being a giant game, its height has been designed so that they can also play and enjoy this mythical game outdoors or indoors but also is very wheelchair friendly game. The colors will stimulate your kids creativity and keep them attentive throughout the game!

Check our Up 4 it game! The hard wearing colourful plastic frame and counters provide real impact for players and spectators alike, while being durable for many years of brilliant fun!

Up 4 It


We have only mentioned three mythical games that we have for you on our website but we have many more Giant Games prepared for you, so you can enjoy the summer with fun games to take advantage of the good weather with your family and friends. Visit our section of GIGANTIC GAMES for more.

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