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One of our favorite seasons is starting, the Spooky Season or Halloween season, watching scary movies with friends or family, hiding under the blanket with our favorite fictions, trick or treating, dressing up, telling scary stories with a flashlight shining on our faces... we love it and we have a lot of fun. In Canada we have a great tradition of celebrating this season and we know that you love it too and that you are already prepared to give it all during this Spooky Season. In today's blog we tell you how to spend some spooky fun days, but let's start from the beginning:

What is spooky season?

Officially, Spooky Season refers to Fall time of year around Halloween where everyone gets spooky vibes. This refers to getting into Halloween mode a little bit in advance, starting to get into the mode of this celebration by getting our costume of the year, decorating our house a little bit, watching scary movies... you know, getting into the mood!

When does spooky season start?

Since at least in our country, Canada, we celebrate Halloween in a big way and we love this celebration, we can't wait for the big day, so the Spooky Season starts on October 1st. Surely by now you've seen people talking about what they have planned for Halloween... and that's precisely what we want to talk to you about today. Read on!

The perfect plan for the Spooky Season

Autumn has a special charm of its own, coffees or chocolate in a warm cup, getting back under our favorite blanket, watching the changing colors in the trees, the falling leaves, the rain on the glass. Some find it romantic and others find it a bit... bland.

But if we add those spooky season touches and make plans according to this pre-Halloween season, it can be one of the most fun days of our lives!

The perfect plan

Our favorite plan without a doubt is to watch new or iconic movies that never go out of style: witches, warlocks, potions, charms, spells, horror, black cats, enigma, vampires, bats, pumpkins. And the list goes on, but we certainly can't find a better way than watching these kinds of new and iconic films in our favorite way: BIG and with a good projector!

Imagine watching all this content via Bluetooth or USB/HDMI, from Netflix, HBO, Hulu, Disney, your own USB movies at home and in incredible quality and resolution on a large surface? We dream about it, and in fact we experience it whenever we can thanks to our favorite projector, the Krohm KH6 LED Video Projector with which thanks to its low power consumption of 180W, you can save while watching movies. Not a spooky dream at all.

Krohm KH6 LED Video Projector

What are the features of the Krohm KH6 LED Video Projector?

Well, get ready because there are a lot of them:

- It has TWO built-in stereo speakers (5W), or connect your own speakers with rear audio output.

- Screen up to 200”! Screen mirroring via Apple Airplay and Android Miracast, or connect via Bluetooth.

- Why pay more when you get a state-of-art LED projector powered by ARM Cortex A35 CPU and Mali T720 GPU. Full 1080P supported/native resolution 1280*768.

- Bright LED lamp with 2500 Lumens is rated for 20,000 hrs, so you won’t need to change it for a very long time. With a low 180W power consumption for the entire system, you save energy and money!

- Get the perfect picture with Keystone adjustment (±15°), contrast 2000:1, projection ratio 1.4. The aspect ratio can be changed from 16:9 to 4:3 to accommodate older media.

- 2 HDMI and 2 USB, plus VGA & ethernet ports allow you to connect a wide variety of sources including gaming consoles, laptops/computers, TV boxes, Blu-ray/DVD player, Amazon Fire TV stick, USB stick, iPhone/iPad via Apple TV, Android Smartphone via Chromecast stick.


Now you are ready to spend this Spooky Season in the BEST way! Find more about our Krohm KH6 LED Video Projector and save 31% buy purchasing it NOW.


Happy Spooky Season!

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