This push ride on toy it's perfect to develop the coordination of the little ones. Thanks to the rotation of its wheels, the child can move in any direction and even turn on itself. It is an easy to use push ride on toy and very practical in small spaces such as hallways or small houses. With a fun design similar to a submarine!


Freddo Toys Bumper Car is a kick/ push ride on toy for toodlers, suitable for developing motor coordination skills and having fun exploring the world.

It is made of is strong and resistant material. Children can use it from the time they learn to walk until they are at least 3 years old.


This push toy for toddlers have an amazing feature... wheels that swivel 360⁰! Children can move in any direction with complete freedom.

As it spins on itself it doesn't need large spaces to be used so it's perfect for play inside a small house.


This toy is made for your baby! The kids will enjoy running from one place to another in this fantastic stroller as real champions.

This push car has a remote control for parents. It also has a safety belt in the seat.


It has AUX connection and SD card to play the music that your little one likes. Fun is guaranteed!

In Dti Direct we have different push cars for babies and if you have any questions do not wait to contact us, we will be happy to answer.

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