Check out our farm-tastic 24V 4x4 Freddo Toys Tractor Trailer 2 Seater

What kid hasn't fantasized about riding on a tractor when he saw one passing through the countryside? It's easy to see tractors on the side of back roads in Canada... Those imposing wheels, that sturdy structure, that space in the back where you can put the day's harvest and transport the hay for the horses... a dream for many children!

Today we want to tell you about our FARM-TASTIC 24V 4x4 Freddo Toys Tractor Trailer 2 Seater, a car for children that will fulfill any desire to own a tractor, with super realistic aesthetics and attention to detail. Get ready to be the best farmer from Ontario to Nunavut!

24V 6 Wheeler Freddo Tractor Trailer 2 Seater Ride on with Dump Cart

This amazing Tractor Trailer is specifically designed to comfortably fit two  passengers, with ample legroom. You can tune in to your favorite music or podcasts with our MP3 player, USB plug, and AUX jack. It may be a bit old-fashioned but we tractor drivers like to listen to Johnny Cash!

24V 6 Wheeler Freddo Tractor Trailer 2 Seater Ride on with Dump Cart

Add some lightning to your ride with leather seats and LED lights for dazzling looks. You'll never have to worry about getting stuck in the sand with these EVA tires.

24V 6 Wheeler Freddo Tractor Trailer 2 Seater Ride on with Dump Cart

Play with your kid without the worry of crashes. Now, with the parental remote control, you will reach more peace of mind while playing! And playing farmers together will be a lot of fun!


This is definitely the best gift for car-loving children who enjoy playing outdoors. Have them create amazing memories with this excellent Ride on Cars for little adventurous souls.

This car is guaranteed to be the most satisfying toy for your child and will provide years of enjoyment and can withstand anything that a toddler or kid could put it through. Also you can have it in green or black, just pick your favorite and get yours HERE!

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