3 Must-haves for your backyard this spring

We're just a few days away from the start of one of the best seasons for spending time outdoors with family and friends.On the 20th of this month we will dive into the first days of spring and we can't wait for the sunshine and milder temperatures that are just around the corner!
We love spending time in the garden or on the patio and sharing with our loved ones, and we're sure you do too! That's why we've put together a list of the top three must-have products that can't be missed in your garden or patio.

1) A burner.

The product that will make you the legend of outdoor barbecues. With great power comes great responsibility so get ready to be the star of the neighborhood! Our 4 Burner Gas Grill Plus Side Searing Burner is an incredible product with the best features. We can smell those burgers and grilled veggies from here! What a treat! You'll be able to cook four times as much thanks to its 4 powerful burners in no time!
Get that apron out of the closet, it's time to use it!

4 Burner Gas Grill Plus Side Searing Burner

2) A cooler.

No barbecue is worthy of being called A BARBECUE without a cooler for drinks. It's a fact. And we have good news, on our website we have the coolest cooler of all, vintage style and ready to store your favorite drinks and keep them cool while you cook the good stuff! A nice cool drink is what the best chef in the neighborhood deserves. Check out our Patio Cooler Pepsi-Cola Styling by Permasteel. Unbeatable quality and spectacular design, a jewel for your patio or garden.

Patio Cooler Pepsi-Cola Styling - 80QT

3) A projector.

Can you think of a way to top off this barbecue and cool drinks plan? We can, and it has a name: Krohm KH6 LED Video Projector. Watching a soccer game or your favorite movie projected in the garden, surrounded by cozy lights and the best company is a plan that few could resist. This projector is ready to give you the best moments! Its quality is worth it and those who have tried it know it.

Krohm KH6 LED Video Projector


Don't miss to take a look at our Home & Garden section to see all our products.It has been difficult to summarize it in 3 products, so we want you to be the one to see the rest of it.

It has been difficult to summarize it in 3 products, so we want you to be the one to see the rest of them.

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